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Abstract #3398

Magnetization transfer ratio imaging in multiple sclerosis: superior selectivity of 3D balanced steady state free precession in comparison to 2D gradient echo

Michael Amann 1 , Till Sprenger 1,2 , Yvonne Naegelin 1 , Gabriela Kalt 2 , Stefano Magon 1 , Julia Reinhardt 1 , Pascal Kuster 2 , Ludwig Kappos 1 , Ernst-Wilhelm Radue 1,2 , Christoph Stippich 1 , and Oliver Bieri 1

1 University Hospital Basel, Basel, BS, Switzerland, 2 Medical Image Analysis Center (MIAC), Basel, BS, Switzerland

Magnetization transfer ratio (MTR) is an MRI marker for demyelination in MS. In this study, a 3D-MTR technique based on balanced steady-state free-precession (bSSFP) is compared with a 2D-gradient-echo (GRE) MT sequence in terms of MTR selectivity for different normal-appearing brain structures and for lesions in 32 MS patients. Spatial resolution was 1.3x1.3x1.3mm 3 (bSSFP) and 1x2x4mm 3 (GRE) yielding similar SNR and scan time. In bSSFP but not in GRE, cortical-MTR was significantly higher than MTR of accumbens, caudatus, and putamen; as well as white matter MTR was higher than thalamus-MTR. Also, only in bSFFP, cortical lesions’ MTR significantly predicted EDSS.

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