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Abstract #0806

NMR phytometabolomics for chemosensory signatures

Rama Jayasundar 1 , Somenath Ghatak 1 , Prashant K Rai 1 , and Gaurav Sharma 1

1 Department of NMR, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, Delhi, India

With growing importance of nutrition in healthcare, NMR can be used to obtain metabolosensory signatures related to food. In this context, organoleptic property of 23 nutraceuticals (13 sweet, 10 pungent) has been analysed with proton NMR and correlated with objective taste measurements using Electronic Tongue. Similar classification was arrived at independently by PCA analysis of data from NMR and Etongue. Potential spectral markers such as sucrose (sweet) and non-sweet amino acids like valine and isoleucine (pungent) could provide NMR sensory descriptors. With increasing interest in nutritional therapeutics, NMR based chemosensory signatures could open new vistas of application in nutritional healthcare.

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