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Abstract #0758

Relating resting-state fMRI and EEG brain connectivity across frequency bands

Fani Deligianni 1 , Maria Centeno 1 , David W. Carmichael 1 , and Jonathan D. Clayden 1

1 Institute of Child Health, UCL, London, United Kingdom

It has been shown that the resting-state (rs) networks observed with fMRI reflect electrophysiological activity. However, questions remain regarding which EEG features most closely reflect rs-fMRI networks. We relate the covariance structure of the envelope of the source localised electrophysiological signal to the covariance derived from rs-fMRI. We use statistical inference to predict EEG brain connectivity from fMRI connectivity and vice-versa. Our results support that the β band EEG activity best reflects spontaneous cognitive operations during conscious rest. Furthermore, fMRI connectivity can be predicted from EEG in any band indicating that there are signatures of rs-fMRI dynamics across EEG frequencies.

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