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Abstract #0534

Brain high-energy phosphates and creatine kinase synthesis rate under graded isoflurane anesthesia: An in vivo 31 P Magnetization Transfer Study at 11.7 Tesla

Andrew Bresnen 1 and Timothy Q. Duong 1

1 UTHSCSA - Research Imaging Institute, San Antonio, Tx, United States

The accelerated 31 P Four Angle Saturation Transfer (FAST) technique was implemented to evaluate the brain high-energy phosphates and the forward CK synthesis rate under graded isoflurane anesthesia. High field (11.7 Tesla) and a small sensitive surface coil were used to improve 31 P signal sensitivity. The major findings were: i) the forward creatine kinase rate and the metabolic flux of the rat brain were reliably measured, and ii) changing isoflurane concentration from 1.2% to 2.0% did not change the PCr and ATP concentrations, but significantly decreased the forward creatine kinase synthesis rate and the metabolic flux.

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