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Abstract #0012

Elevated ATP Synthase and Creatine Kinase Activities in Human Visual Cortex during Visual Stimulation: A 31P NMR Magnetization Transfer Study at 7T

Byeong-Yeul Lee 1 , Xiao-Hong Zhu 1 , and Wei Chen 1

1 Center for Magnetic Resonance Research, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

The cerebral ATP synthase (ATPase) and creatine kinase (CK) reactions are essential in supporting brain energy and function. In this study, we investigated the central role of oxidative phosphorylation of ATP in response to functional visual stimulus in the human visual cortex using the in vivo 31P MRS with magnetization transfer technique at 7T; and to further study its temporal evolution during and after the stimulation. It was found that both ATPase and CK metabolic fluxes increased during the visual stimulation. Interestingly, the elevated ATPase enzyme activity recovered rapidly to the baseline level after the stimulation; in contrast, a high CK enzyme activity persisted during the sustained post-stimulation period, suggesting distinct roles of ATPase and CK reactions in brain function. More importantly, the significant increase of ATPase observed in this study indicates a high demand of oxidative ATP synthesis/utilization in the activated brain region in supporting the elevated neuronal activity.

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