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Abstract #4634

Quantification of the Cerebellar Lobe Volumes using a 2D T2 TSE PROPELLER Sequence: Reliability Analysis.

Marco Piccirelli 1 , Alexander A. Tarnutzer 2 , Werner Wichmann 1 , Antonios Valavanis 1 , Dominik Straumann 2 , and Franziska C.S. Altorfer 1

1 Neuroradiology, University Hospital Zurich, Zurich, ZH, Switzerland, 2 Neurology, University Hospital Zurich, Zurich, ZH, Switzerland

Cerebellar volumetry correlates multiple clinical findings (ataxia, seizures, psychiatric symptoms) with localized cerebellar atrophy. Therefore, researchers quantified the volume of cerebellar parts using high-resolution 3D-T1-SPGR sequences, which has an intrinsic low CSF/GM contrast and is motion-sensitive. Nevertheless, the coarse volumetry reported in clinical studies is corrupted by the low resolution of clinical 3D-T1-SPGR. To avoid artifacts, we propose an intrinsically motion insensitive PROPELLER 2D-T2-TSE to clearly depict cerebellar borders and quantify cerebellar lobe volumes. These results set the basics for a clinically useable quantification of cerebellar atrophy and give a reference to further volumetric analysis of individual cerebellar lobes.

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