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Abstract #3682

New MR thermometry approach to follow small temperature variation: in-vivo validation on the anesthetized baboons brain at 7T

Nicolas Boulant 1 , Alexandre Vignaud 1 , Eric Giacomini 1 , Benoit Larrat 1 , Aurelien Massire 1 , Alexis Amadon 1 , Lynn Uhrig 1 , and Michel Bottlaender 1

1 Neurospin, CEA, Saclay, Ile de France, France

Measuring small temperature rises (<1 C) in-vivo using MR thermometry is a challenging task given the required stability of the whole transmission-reception chain as well as the physiological noise spoiling the desired signal. We here report an experiment performed at 7T in-vivo on a baboons head where a non-local RF-heat generating system was separate from the MR scanner to provide high stability. Navigator free induction decays were used to correct for the DB0 variations induced by breathing and for the drift of the external field. Combined with the proton resonance frequency shift method, accuracy of ~0.1 C could be obtained.

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