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Abstract #3214

High Resolution T1 Mapping of the Full Brain with a Modified DESPOT1-HIFI Approach at 7T

Mathies Breithaupt 1 , Sebastian Flassbeck 1 , Moritz C. Berger 1 , and Armin M. Nagel 1

1 Medical Physics in Radiology, German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), Heidelberg, Germany

In this work, a modification to the DESPOT1-HIFI approach for applications at ultra-high magnetic field strengths of 7T is presented. By simulation of the mprage sequence via numerically solving the Bloch equations, the magnetization prior to the inversion can be approximated. This way, one parameter can be called from a lookup table inside the non-linear least squares minimization routine simplifying the target function. Three-dimensional T1 maps of the whole head with an isotropic resolution of 1 mm can be acquired within a 25 minute timeframe, revealing T1 values of 1246 plus-or-minus sign 43 ms (gray matter) and 1904 plus-or-minus sign 48 ms (white matter).

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