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Abstract #2896

A 16-element receive array for human cardiac 31 P MR spectroscopy at 7T

Christopher T. Rodgers 1 , William Clarke 1 , Dominik Berthel 2 , Stefan Neubauer 1 , and Matthew Robson 1

1 Radcliffe Department of Medicine, Univ Oxford, Oxford, United Kingdom, 2 Rapid Biomedical GmbH, Germany

Applications of 31 P-MRS have been hampered by low SNR. We recently introduced cardiac 31 P-MRS at 7T with a 10cm loop, where SNR increased 2.8x vs 3T. Now, we introduce a 16-element cardiac array. This array has receive SNR 3.6x higher than our standard 3T coil in phantoms. In 5 men, extrapolating to fully-relaxed 90 spectra, we see 75% gains in potential SNR vs the 10cm loop. However, the array's B 1 + is inadequate, making skeletal muscle saturation difficult and necessitating short TRs for optimal SNR which exacerbate uncertainties in blood- and saturation-correction leading to implausibly high measured PCr/ATP ratios.

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