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Abstract #2867

DOTAlaP: Single amino acid Gd complex with accelerated water exchange rate leads to increased relaxivity at higher fields

Eszter Boros 1 , Shima Karimi 2 , Nathaniel Kenton 1 , Lothar Helm 2 , and Peter Caravan 1

1 Radiology, Massachusetts General Hospital/ Harvard Medical School, Charlestown, Massachusetts, United States, 2 EPFL, Switzerland

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) at high magnetic fields benefits from an increased signal to noise ratio, however T1 based MR contrast agents show decreasing relaxivity (r1) at higher fields. For this purpose, we have successfully explored the Gd(DOTAla) complex and its derivatives. It was our aim to design new Gd(DOTAla)-like agents with a shorter water residency time (τM), higher relaxivities at high magnetic fields, and subsequently test them in vivo. A new compound, based on the phosphonate analogue DOTAlaP represents a Gd-based agent with improved properties for high field imaging compared to the currently clinically used agent gadofosveset.

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