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Abstract #1006

A Numerical Model of Manganese Distribution in Pancreatic Tissue from meMRI measurements

Ekkehard Kstermann 1 , Anke Meyer 2 , Katharina Stolz 2 , Wolfgang Dreher 1 , and Kathrin Maedler 2

1 AG "in-vivo-MR", FB2, Universitt Bremen, Bremen, Bremen, Germany, 2 Center for Biomolecular Interactions Bremen, Universitt Bremen, Bremen, Germany

Diabetes research and therapy will benefit from non-invasive methods of analyzing pancreatic beta-cell mass (BCM) and activity. Manganese mediated MR imaging is a very potent tool for non-invasive measurements of pancreatic activity. The Mn-induced signal time course of pancreatic tissue is analyzed with a mathematical model consisting of three sequentially ordered compartments: a source and two pancreatic compartments. The pancreatic MR-signal can be modeled by (i) a small compartment with similar signal changes as in the liver and (ii) a larger compartment characterized by a much slower signal change.

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