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Abstract #1000

High resolution whole brain diffusion imagining at 7T for the Human Connectome Project

An T. Vu 1 , Edward Auerbach 1 , Christophe Lenglet 1 , Steen Moeller 1 , Julien Sein 1 , Pierre-Francois Van de Moortele 1 , Kamil Ugurbil 1 , and Essa Yacoub 1

1 University of Minnesota, CMRR, Minneapolis, MN, United States

Mapping the structural connectivity in healthy adults for the Human Connectome Project requires high quality, high resolution, multiband (MB)-accelerated whole brain diffusion MRI (dMRI). Higher fields provide higher SNR and the opportunity to acquire at higher resolution, but at the cost of increased B1+ inhomogeneity (resulting in signal loss in regions such as the cerebellum and temporal lobe) and SAR (limiting our ability reduce TR or accelerate). This abstract describes the steps we have taken to facilitate high resolution, whole brain dMRI at 7T, enabling cortical layer specific anisotropy and FA previously only seen in ex-vivo human studies.

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