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Abstract #0194

In vivo Overhauser-enhanced MRI of Proteolytic Activity

Neha Koonjoo 1 , Elodie Parzy 1 , Philippe Massot 1 , Matthieu Lepetit-Coiff 1,2 , Sylvain R.A Marque 3 , Jean-Michel Franconi 1 , Eric Thiaudiere 1 , and Philippe Mellet 1,4

1 Centre de Rsonance Magntique des Systmes Biologiques, UMR 5536, CNRS, University Bordeaux Segalen, Bordeaux, France, Metropolitan, 2 Siemens France, Saint-Denis, France, Metropolitan, 3 UMR 7273 Aix-Marseille Universit, Marseille, France, Metropolitan, 4 University Bordeaux Segalen, INSERM, France, Metropolitan

Proteolysis of a nitroxide-labeled macromolecule was detected in the intestinal tract of living mice by Overhauser-enhanced MRI. Using an Overhauser-effect switch, namely a nitroxide with an unpaired electron bound to the macromolecule, here elastin, Overhauser enhancement was generated only after the protein carrier was digested. A high signal enhancement indicated elastin proteolysis by pancreatic elastase secreted in the duodenum. Highly resolved 3D keyhole OMRI images of resolution 0.5mm 3 were acquired with a fully balanced steady state sequence TrueFISP at 0.2T (Magnetom Open Viva Siemens) in 18 seconds. This current research is a step towards in vivo pathology-related proteolysis detection.

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