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Abstract #0164

Spontaneous activity in the delta band drives the resting state MRI (rsMRI) signal: A combined rsMRI and electrophysiological study in rat whisker barrel cortex

Hanbing Lu 1 , William Rea 1 , Leiming Wang 1 , Elliot A Stein 1 , and Yihong Yang 1

1 National Institute on Drug Abuse, Baltimore, Maryland, United States

The physiological basis of resting state MRI (rsMRI) signal remains poorly understood. Several lines of evidence suggest the important role of spontaneous slow and infraslow EEG oscillation underlying the low-frequency BOLD fluctuations; Contrasting hypotheses emphasize the roles of higher frequency (gamma) activity. One approach to disentangle the relationship between electrophysiological and rsMRI signal is to investigate how evoked responses interact with ongoing spontaneous brain activity. We employ a whisker barrel cortex stimulation model to investigate this question. Our findings support the view that spontaneous activity in the delta band drives the rsMRI signal as manifested in functional connectivity.

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