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Future of MR Systems & Applications - Ultra High Field

Franz Schmitt1

1Former Siemens Healthcare now Lakeside Imaging/e

Ultra-High Field MRI has developed from a plain research instrument for mastering the required technology to a clinically recognised MR imaging field strength. Besides stronger magnets, the entire RF transmit and receive chain needed to be updated to the higher MR frequencies. The mitigation of the transmit B1+ inhomogeneity by means of parallel transmission is now fully understood and utilized in almost every UHF site in some sort or another. Beside the significantly higher resolution achieved with UHF, unique contrast and imaging possibilities opened up: better susceptibility weighting, quantitative susceptibility mapping, CEST imaging and sodium imaging, aiming for better diagnosis in neuro degenerative diseases, tumour imaging, musculoskeletal imaging and much more. All these aspects of UHF imaging will be considered in this educational talk.

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