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Abstract #4842

Role of Birdcage Volume Resonators for High-Resolution Wrist Imaging at High and Ultra-High Fields

Yusuf A Bhagat 1 , Po-Hsiang Lai 1 , Xu Zhu 1 , Insoo Kim 1 , and Zhouyue Pi 1

1 Emerging Technology Lab, Samsung R&D Institute America, Richardson, Texas, United States

This educational review draws attention to birdcage volume resonators as a simple alternative to phased-array receive coils for high-resolution microstructural imaging of the human wrist. The value of quadrature volume coils for transmit-receive (Tx-Rx) applications is better realized at ultra-high fields ( greater than or equal to 7T) due to lack of body Tx coils. Here, by virtue of examples, we discuss the design of birdcage resonators for wrist imaging at 3T and 7T. Further, we highlight their utility for specific absorption rate-compliance, patient setup for improved tolerance and a rapid spin-echo based technique for high-quality imaging of trabecular (spongy) bone microstructure.

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