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High Resolution Double Resonant 1 H/ 19 F RF Coil for Small Rodent MRI and MRS at 3T

Helmar Waiczies 1 , Jan Rieger 1 , Andreas Graessl 2 , Andreas Pohlmann 2 , Matthias A. Dieringer 2,3 , and Thoralf Niendorf 2

1 MRI.TOOLS GmbH, Berlin, Germany, 2 Berlin Ultrahigh Field Facility (B.U.F.F.), Max Delbrck Center for Molecular Medicine, Berlin, Germany, 3 3Working Group on Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance, Experimental and Clinical Research Center (ECRC), Berlin, Germany

A dual-tuned 1 H/ 19 F birdcage coil with high B 1 + homogeneity for animal research at a clinical 3T-System has been constructed. The simulated B 1 + fields and the measured B 1 + maps were found to be in good agreement, including anatomical coverage, B 1 + distribution and B 1 + efficiency. The acquired ex vivo images showed superb sensitivity for 19 F MRI as well as high spatial resolution for 1 H MRI. This work demonstrates the feasibility of a double tuned birdcage coil tailored for 1 H/ 19 F MR in small rodents using a clinical 3T MR system. The proposed RF coil provides high homogeneity and sensitivity for very low concentrations of 19 F. This progress may serve to enhance the capabilities of 19 F MR based cell tracking in small rodents and benefits translational research en route to 19 F MR in large animals or even humans.

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