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High-quality and High-throughput Interleaved Diffusion Weighted EPI Enabled by Multi-band Multiplexed Sensitivity Encoding (MUSE) and Adaptive Partial Fourier Reconstruction

Hing-Chiu Chang 1 , Shayan Guhaniyogi 1 , and Nan-Kuei Chen 1

1 Brain Imaging and Analysis Center, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, North Carolina, United States

Multiplexed sensitivity encoding (MUSE) can effectively remove aliasing artifact due to shot-to-shot phase inconsistencies without relying on navigator echo. However, the conventional partial Fourier reconstruction procedure included in the original MUSE is highly susceptible to motion-induced k-space energy peak displacement, and the imaging throughput of multi-shot MUSE is significantly lower than single-shot DWI. We first develop a novel adaptive partial Fourier reconstruction procedure capable of producing high-quality multi-shot DWI, even in the presence of motion-induced k-data energy displacement. Next, we generalize the MUSE reconstruction to accommodate multi-band data, so that high-throughput, high-resolution and high-quality DWI can all be simultaneously achieved.

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