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Abstract #4370

k-t-EPI: k-t-undersampled EPI acquisition and reconstruction in cerebral perfusion

Rebecca Ramb 1 , Elias Kellner 1 , Iulius Dragonu 1 , Frederik Testud 1 , Irina Mader 2 , Jrgen Hennig 1 , Maxim Zaitsev 1 , and Bernd Jung 1

1 Dept. of Radiology, Medical Physics, University Medical Center, Freiburg, Baden-Wrttemberg, Germany, 2 Dept. of Neuroradiology, University Medical Center, Freiburg Brain Imaging, Freiburg, Baden-Wrttemberg, Germany

Parallel imaging offers the potential to decrease blurring and susceptibility artifacts in ssEPI acquisitions by shortening echo train lengths, however, at the expense of SNR. We propose k-t-EPI: k-t-undersampled ssEPI acquisition with k-t-GRAPPA reconstruction, in order to overcome SNR limitations. The developed sequence with two acquisition strategies and reconstruction is presented and applied in first-pass cerebral perfusion measurements at reduction factor R=4 and high spatial resolution. The gained flexibility in increasing spatial and/or temporal resolution by higher achievable reduction factors requires further investigation, also in the context of other applications such as diffusion or fMRI.

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