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Abstract #4208

A comparison of BOLD fMRI, electrophysiology, and oxygen signals in the whisker barrel cortex of the awake rabbit

Daniil P Aksenov 1 , Limin Li 1 , Michael Miller 1 , Gheorghe Iordanescu 1 , Holden M Faber 2 , Robert A Linsenmeier 2 , and Alice M Wyrwicz 1

1 NorthShore University HealthSystem, Evanston, IL, United States, 2 Northwestern University, IL, United States

To evaluate the relationship among BOLD fMRI, single units (SU), local field potentials (LFP), and oxygen response we obtained fMRI data from rabbits with chronically implanted electrodes to measure both PO2 and neuronal responses to whisker stimulation in the cortex. Striking differences were observed in cortical BOLD, oxygen, and electrophysiological responses. The shape of oxygen response more closely resembles the shape of SU and LFP, whereas the PO2 response exhibits the post-stimulus offset and subsequent undershoot that characterize the BOLD response. These differences reflect the unique physiological characteristics of each signal.

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