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Abstract #4120

Fast Three-Dimensional T2-weighted Imaging with Transition Into Driven Equilibrium balanced SSFP at 3T

Subashini Srinivasan 1,2 , Holden H Wu 1,2 , Kyunghyun Sung 1,2 , Daniel JA Margolis 1 , and Daniel B Ennis 1,2

1 Department of Radiological Sciences, University of California, Los Angeles, California, United States, 2 Department of Bioengineering, University of California, Los Angeles, California, United States

3D T2-weighted imaging is used clinically for high resolution imaging of small tumors. Current clinical standards for 3D T2-weighted imaging are limited by long acquisition durations. We propose a 3D T2-weighted variable flip angle transition into driven equilibrium balanced SSFP (3D T2-TIDE) technique for fast T2-weighted imaging at high field strengths. Images were acquired using a 3D Cartesian trajectory with interleaved ky-kz spiral sampling such that the center of k-space was acquired with increased T2-weighting. 3D T2-TIDE prostate images from five healthy subjects reduced the acquisition duration by 59% while improving the SNR efficiency compared to 3D FSE.

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