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Abstract #3968

In vivo cardiac diffusion tensor imaging using a spiral trajectory

Andrew David Scott 1 , Pedro Ferreira 1 , Sonia Nielles-Vallespin 1,2 , Iain Pierce 1,3 , Laura-Ann McGill 1,3 , Dudley Pennell 1,3 , and David Firmin 1,3

1 NIHR Funded Biomedical Research Unit, The Royal Brompton Hospital, London, London, United Kingdom, 2 National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, National Heart and Lung Institute, Bethesda, Maryland, United States, 3 National Heart and Lung Institute, Imperial College London, London, United Kingdom

In vivo cardiac diffusion tensor imaging (cDTI) is commonly performed using a stimulated echo sequence (STEAM) with an echo planar imaging (EPI) readout. Here we combine a zonal excitation to excite a small square field of view with a single-shot spiral readout and STEAM. The centre-out nature of spiral trajectories results in reduced TE and, therefore less T2 decay than for the equivalent EPI sequence. In this first demonstration of spiral cDTI, helical angle, mean diffusivity and fractional anisotropy values match those in previous literature. With techniques like parallel imaging, spatial resolution may be improved beyond that available using EPI.

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