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Influence of head posture and PC-MRI arterial flow on ASL CBF measurements in children

Olivier Baldent 1 , Catherine Gondry 2 , Cyrille Capel 1 , Valriane Michel 1 , and Roger Bouzerar 1

1 Image processing, University hospital, Amiens, France, 2 Radiology, University hospital, Amiens, France

Arterial Spin labeling is a useful tool to measure local microcirculation hemodynamics. Our goal is to evaluate the influence of head posture and PC-MRI arterial inflow on ASL CBF measurements. Cine-PC and Pulsed-continuous ASL sequences were performed in 20 pediatric subjects. Total arterial inflow (Qa), mean CBF at midbrain level, cerebral volume index (CVI), CBFv=CBFxCVI and head inclination were calculated. CBFv was correlated to intracranial arterial inflow Qa. CBFv and Qa were correlated to the subject's age. CBFv/Qa was negatively correlated to the head inclination. Knowledge of global arterial inflow could improve the accuracy of ASL data.

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