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Abstract #2893

FAST 31 P measurements of the creatine kinase synthesis rate at 11.7T

Andrew Bresnen 1 and Timothy Q. Duong 1

1 UTHSCSA - Research Imaging Institute, San Antonio, Tx, United States

This study developed a quick and robust protocol for measurement of the forward creatine kinase rate of ATP synthesis ( k f,CK ) in the rat brain at 11.7T. We adopted the 31 P Four Angle Saturation Transfer ( 31 P FAST) experiment to minimize the TR, by using low flip angles, and the number of data points required to calculate to k f,CK . Historically, in vivo 31 P MT experiments suffer from low SNR resulting in long scan times, often on the order of hours. The optimized protocol provides robust measurements of k f,CK in ~5mins. k f,CK in normal rat brains was 0.310.03s-1.

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