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Abstract #2796

Bolus Tracking for Improved Metabolic Imaging of Hyperpolarised Compounds

Markus Durst 1,2 , Ulrich Koellisch 1,2 , Concetta Gringeri 3 , Martin A. Janich 2 , Giaime Rancan 2,3 , Annette Frank 3 , Florian Wiesinger 2 , Marion I. Menzel 2 , Axel Haase 1 , and Rolf F. Schulte 2

1 IMETUM, Technische Universitt Mnchen, Garching, Germany, 2 GE Global Research, Garching, Germany, 3 Klinikum rechts der Isar, Technische Universitt Mnchen, Mnchen, Germany

Dynamic nuclear polarisation has enabled real-time metabolic imaging of pyruvate and its metabolites. Conventional imaging sequences do not account for intersubject variations in biological parameters such as perfusion. A fully automatic realtime bolus tracking sequence for hyperpolarised substrates is presented which starts the imaging acquisition at a defined point on the bolus curve. This reduces artefacts, allows for a more efficient use of hyperpolarised magnetisation and enables a more reliable and consistent quantification of metabolic activity. Using a copolarised urea and pyruvate injection, spectrally selective tracking on urea allows obtaining localised bolus tracking information without depleting the pyruvate signal.

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