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Abstract #1757

Altered structural connectivity in preterm children: Network-based statistical analysis

Deanne K Thompson 1,2 , Jian Chen 1 , Christopher Adamson 1 , Richard Beare 1 , Zohra M Ahmadzai 1 , Terrie E Inder 3 , Lex W Doyle 4 , Marc Seal 1 , and Peter J Anderson 1

1 Murdoch Childrens Research Institute, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 2 Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 3 Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, Massachusettes, United States, 4 Royal Women's Hospital, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

The impact of prematurity on structural connectivity is not yet understood. The aims of this study were to compare network measures of structural connectivity between very preterm (VP) and full-term children, and to determine if network measures were correlated with gestational age in the VP group. Results indicated that the brains of VP children had altered network topography compared with full-term controls. Our findings suggest that the VP brain has a less integrated and more segregated brain than full-term 7 year olds. This may contribute to the poor neurodevelopmental outcomes that are common in very VP children compared with controls.

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