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Abstract #1666

An artifacts reducing approach for fat-water separation in spatiotemporally encoded single-shot MRI

Lin Chen 1 , Congbo Cai 1 , Shuhui Cai 1 , Jing Li 1 , Miao Zhang 1 , Ting Zhang 1 , and Zhong Chen 1

1 Department of Electronic Science, Xiamen University, Xiamen, Fujian, China

Separation of fat and water signals in MRI is very important for many clinical applications. Usual methods, such as Dixon and IDEAL, will lead to a long scan time. Spatiotemporally encoded (SPEN) single-shot MRI is an alternative method to separate fat and water in subsecond. For SPEN approach, super-resolved reconstruction is indispensable. However, existing algorithms will result in artifacts. In this abstract, compressed sensing is applied to the reconstruction to reduce the artifacts and improve the image quality. This reconstruction algorithm would benefit the application of SPEN single-shot MRI to fat-water separation.

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