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Abstract #1628

Homodyne Reconstruction for Single-Echo Dixon Imaging

Eric G. Stinson 1 , Joshua D. Trzasko 1 , and Stephen J. Riederer 1

1 Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota, United States

Dixon-based methods avoid errors by accounting for B 0 inhomogeneities during the fat-water separation, but can extend scan time. Single-echo Dixon techniques avoid this limitation, but have yet to use partial Fourier sampling. Homodyne reconstruction for partial Fourier single-echo Dixon imaging is derived and experimentally demonstrated. The processing is performed within the framework of a phase constrained reconstruction and accomplishes fat-water separation and homodyne phase correction in a single step. Partial Fourier sampling with homodyne processing can reduce scan time by a factor of almost 2 and shows promise for time-resolved Dixon imaging for dynamic applications such as CE-MRA.

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