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Abstract #1600

Prospective motion correction of 3D EPI data for functional MRI using optical tracking.

Nick Todd 1 , Oliver Josephs 1 , Martina Callaghan 1 , and Nikolaus Weiskopf 1

1 Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging, London, United Kingdom

An approach to using the XPACE camera system for prospective motion correction of MRI data was implemented for a 3D echo-planar imaging pulse sequence. The method uses a high frame rate camera to track the six degrees-of-freedom movement of a marker that is attached to the patient. This information is fed to the scanner host computer to dynamically update the imaging gradients necessary for rigid body realignment of the data to be acquired. The PMC method was tested for the application of acquiring 3D EPI data for functional MRI studies where high SNR and temporal stability are of paramount importance.

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