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Abstract #1450

Homogeneous neuroimaging at 7 tesla with short tailored radiofrequency pulses using high permittivity dielectric bags

Joep Wezel 1 , Maarten Versluis 1 , Andrew Webb 1 , Matthias van Osch 1 , and Peter Brnert 1,2

1 C.J. Gorter center for high field MRI, Radiology, Leiden University Medical Center, Leiden, Netherlands, 2 Philips Research Europe, Hamburg, Germany

Neuroimaging at 7 tesla is complicated by the high degree of B1-inhomogeneity within the brain. Spezialized RF pulses that take the B1 distribution into account can compensate for the inhomogeneous field. These pulses are generally longer than the regular pulses, leading to increased sensitivity to B0 deviations. To counter this trend we apply high permittivity dielectric pads that reduce the severity of the flip angle voids. This potentially leads to the design of shorter RF pulses to compensate for the remainder of the inhomogeneities. We have simulated three pulse lengths with and without the bags and verified this in-vivo.

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