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Abstract #1319

Replacing Individual Baluns with Quarter Wavelength Baluns in Multi-Channel Arrays

Thomas Grafendorfer 1 , Greig Scott 2 , Paul Calderon 3 , Fraser Robb 4 , John Pauly 2 , and Shreyas Vasanawala 5

1 Advanced Coils, GEHC Coils, Stanford, CA, United States, 2 Electrical Engineering, Stanford University, CA, United States, 3 Engineering consultant, Stanford Radiology, CA, United States, 4 Advanced Coils, GEHC Coils, OH, United States, 5 Radiology, Stanford University, CA, United States

Baluns and cable traps are widely used in coil arrays to prevent common mode currents on cables and feeding lines that can severely impact coil performance. But this approach is often done in a trial and error fashion; arbitrarily moving and adding Baluns until the coil somehow works. Here we show a more controlled approach, where ground loops formed by cables are purposely set to hold certain resonance frequencies. In that case individual Baluns can be replaced with quarter wavelength Baluns, which is noting else than shorting individual cable shields together at the right location.

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