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Mapping Activation in the Human Brainstem at 7 T with High Spatial and Temporal Resolution Using RASER and SSBA

Ute Goerke 1 , M. Elias Kersten 2 , Siraj Bachani 2 , David A. Bereiter 2 , and Donald R. Nixdorf 2

1 CMRR/Radiology, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States, 2 School of Dentistry, University of Minnesota, Minnesota, United States

In previous studies, it has been demonstrated that the emerging ultrafast imaging sequence RASER is beneficial for fMRI at ultrahigh magnetic field strength. In this paper, we show the potential of RASER for mapping neural correlates of pain processing in the human brain stem with high spatial and temporal resolution. In particular, 3D-RASER captures the BOLD response with higher temporal resolution compared to multi-slice technique. Activation maps were generated using the post-processing technique, SSBA. Robust activation was found in trigeminal nucleus (V2), the chief sensory nucleus and the periaqueductal grey induced by a moderately painful prick stimulus of the gingiva.

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