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Abstract #0863

Reducing susceptibility-induced signal loss in echo planar imaging using a shim insert coil at 7T: Implication for BOLD fMRI

Tae Kim 1 , Tiejun Zhao 2 , Yoojin Lee 1 , Piotr Starewicz 3 , Hoby Hetherington 1 , and Jullie Pan 1

1 Radiology, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, United States, 2 Siemens Medical Solution USA, INC., Siemens MediCare USA, Pittsburgh, PA, United States, 3 Resonance Research Inc., Billerica, MA, United States

High degree/order shimming was applied to increase field homogeneity to reduce susceptibility-induced signal loss in gradient-echo EPI using a shim insert coil at 7T. Use of the shim insert improved the overall homogeneity across the entire brain by 30% in comparison to conventional 1st&2nd degree/order shimming. For challenging brain regions such as the anterior temporal and frontal lobes use of the shim insert increased the temporal-signal-to-noise ratios by 111.2%. Our study demonstrates that the use of higher order/degree shims improves GE-EPI BOLD signal at high field.

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