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Abstract #0471

Design of Novel Synthetic Antiferromagnets for Nano-RF reporters for Single Cell Tracking

Karl F. Stupic 1 , Kathryn E. Keenan 1 , Edward V. Denison 1 , Charles A. E. Little 1 , and Stephen E. Russek 1

1 National Institute of Stanards and Technology, Boulder, Colorado, United States

A new class of nanofabricated contrast agents, which operate as nano-resonators, is proposed and modeled. The agents are based on nanoscale synthetic antiferromagnets (nano-SAFs) which have resonant modes that are engineered to have large spectral densities at MRI proton frequencies. The resonance frequencies can be adjusted by tuning the layer thicknesses to give the desired resonances at all clinical field strengths. Initial nano-SAFs, with 830 nm diameter and 70 nm thicknesses, have been fabricated and imaged at 1.5 T. Strong T1 contrast was not observed indicating that smaller dimensions are required.

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