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Abstract #0230

Differentiation of white-matter differences across sub-clinical psychotic experiences using diffusion tensor and quantitative relaxometry imaging

Mark Drakesmith 1 , Anirban Dutt 2 , Glyn Lewis 3 , Anthony S David 2 , and Derek K Jones 1

1 CUBRIC, Cardiff University, Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom, 2 Institute of Psychiatry, Kings College London, London, United Kingdom, 3 Academic Unit of Psychiatry, University of Bristol, Bristol, United Kingdom

Few studies have examined white-matter correlates of psychotic experiences in an at-risk population. We show using DTI and quantitative T1 white-matter differences associated with sub-clinical psychotic experiences. Individuals with psychotic experiences show reduced FA, AD and increased RD in left medial frontal white matter. No differences in T1 were identified. A number of variables, especially auditory hallucinations, negatively correlate with FA, globally. Some variables also negatively correlate with T1, suggesting a positive correlation with myelination. Future identification of subjects who transition to full psychosis will enable isolation of more specific white-matter predictors of psychosis.

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