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Abstract #0086

Rapid QSM Acquisition with Wave-CAIPI

Berkin Bilgic 1 , Borjan Gagoski 2 , Stephen Cauley 1 , Audrey Fan 3 , Jonathan Polimeni 1 , Ellen Grant 2 , Lawrence Wald 1 , and Kawin Setsompop 1

1 Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging, Charlestown, MA, United States, 2 Boston Children's Hospital, Boston, MA, United States, 3 EECS, MIT, Cambridge, MA, United States

Wave-CAIPI acquisition enables highly accelerated parallel imaging with low g-factor penalty in a 3D gradient echo (GRE) scan by using i) 2D CAIPIRINHA controlled aliasing and ii) additional sinusoidal Gy and Gz encoding gradients during the readout of each phase encoding line. Herein, data acquisition and reconstruction time of QSM are dramatically reduced by the combination of Wave-CAIPI acquisition and fast phase processing and QSM algorithms. For Wave-CAIPI reconstruction, we extend the initial proposal by i) reducing the Wave reconstruction time 25 (from 360 min to 14 min), ii) estimating accurate point spread functions from a fast prior training acquisition, and iii) increasing the resolution 4-fold. This enables high quality whole-brain 7T QSM at 112 mm3 voxel size in 40 seconds.

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